Reflections on my team leader role

This has been my first year in the team leader role and I've really enjoyed it. It helps of course to have a great team which I am lucky enough to have.  At first I thought that having a release day every second week to get team tasks completed would be more than I needed yet I have found that I've used every second of that time over the course of the year.  I thought I'd summarise for myself some of the types of things that I've done as team leader as a record of what this role involves.

  • Making outlines of long term plans which we then flesh out in team meetings.
  • Working with the team to identify target children for the year.
  • Setting up team agendas before meetings and then making sure we stick to timeframes. 
  • Organising resources and making plan outlines in advance to work on during collaborative team planning sessions.
  • Discussing priority learners in meetings.
  • Discussing what does and doesn't work for our learners in class during team meetings.
  • Doing all the paperwork for team trips including setting up Google Forms to collect parent volunteer information.
  • Creating displays for all classes related to our inquiry topics.
  • Organising our camp.
  • Organising all the choir trips and paperwork.
  • Checking that assessment data is completed and entered into eTap.
  • Organising planning checks for team members.
  • Identifying the strengths within the team in order for them to take the lead on the organisation of key tasks.
  • Writing reports for the ERO inspection this year on key aspects of the team.
  • Meeting with ERO and the IB inspectors to discuss programmes and priority learners.
  • Ordering equipment and supplies for the team.
  • Managing the team budget.
  • Running moderation sessions for writing samples.
  • Creating a student portfolio for all senior students in the school and running PD on their use with teachers.
  • Meeting with concerned parents.
  • Setting up eAsttle tests, rolling over the eAsttle student information, getting team members signed up to eAsttle and showing them how to use it.
  • Creating Google Classrooms as a way for the team to build resources for inquiry units.
  • Making observations of teachers in the team.
  • Attending management meetings and sharing key information with the team. 
  • Communicating information from the team back to management as required and 'pushing back' on behalf of the team in relation to teacher workload.
  • Keeping an eye on the emotional wellbeing of the team and supporting them where necessary.
  • Supporting all team members to get their movies completed ahead of our team movie evening!
I'm sure I'll think of a lot more after I publish this post! It is a busy but satisfying role and I believe that I am learning more all the time about how to be in a middle management role.


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