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Working together with others in PLN

This blog has been born out of a number of conversations had with colleagues both at school and in my online teacher network - The NZ Teachers (Primary) group on Facebook.

I was looking for a way to document my own professional learning while making it easy to show evidence for the PTC (soon to be standards).

I started off with a concept of a digital portfolio using Google Sites and this is my first version that I posted to the group (link to go to a live version):

Many people commented how helpful this template was but it was pointed out to me that the new standards were coming in that would replace the PTCs.  

I think RTCs changed to PTCs years ago?? But we're not on to STPs yet, so if you've got ERO coming I think they will expect to see PTCs, not RTCs or STPs. These TLAs are beginning to sound like gibberish...

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